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WCC 2014 - Women in Circus Consortium  2nd edition

December 6th and 7th 2014

                                                                                                        Stockholm, Sweden


Saturday Dec 6th

9.30-10. 00        Welcoming Fika                                                                B58 Coffee bistro


10.00-10.45     Lecture by : Margareta Sörenson                                B58 Studio G 

                            Dreams Images and Muscles : Women in Circus                             


11.00-12. 00    Performance: Gynoïdes Project  Bêta Test VII        B58 Studio 16                       

                            Marie-Andrée Robitaille research project         

                            Followed by a discussion moderated by Margareta Sörenson.        


12.00-13.30      Lunch


13.15 -15.45    Workshop with Lotta Björkman                                       B58 Studio 10

                            Creating more freedom; What are norms and

                            how do they   create power- structures?  


16.00-17. 00   Lecture by Ulrika Dahl                                                         B58 Studio G

                           Queer(y)ing feminities : A femme-inist perspective 


17.15-18.00    Performance: Eat It                                                             B58 Studio 16

                           Rebbecca Westholm-Ruby Rose

                           Followed by a  Discussion moderated by Lotta Björkman.  


18. 00-19.30   Dinner


19.30-22.30     Performance: Cirkus Hall of Femmes                          B34 Cirkus hallen

                            A collection of female circus pieces. 

                            Followed by a Discussion and exchange between the artists and   audience.


Sunday Dec 7th

9.-9.30             Welcoming Fika                                                                     B58 Coffee Bistro 


9.30-11.30       Workshop with: Liv Elf Karlén                                          B58 Studio 10  

                            Normkreativ gestalning ; how to use masculinity and feminity as  creative tools instead of a straitjacket for th e                              performer  imagination. 


11.30.-13.        Lunch


13.-14.             Lecture by Anne Quentin                                                    B58 Studio G

                           Women in Contemporary Circus 


14.-15.30        Projection: Circus Girls from India                                B58 Studio G  

                           Documentary Film by Jasha de Wilde and Chris Relleke 


15.30-17.00     Performance: I shit diamond                                        B58 Studio 16

                            by Stacey Sacks

                            Followed by a discussion moderated by Camilla Damkjaer 


17.00-18.30     We discuss and We push the norms                        B58 Bistro

                            Discussion and working groups


18.30-20.00     Group Dinner  Place to be confirm


20.00-21.00     Performance: JERK                                                           B34 Cirkus Hall

                            by Emma Sergeant, Casus.


21.00-21.15     Conclusion                                                                          B34 Cirkus Hall



Lectures (45 minutes-1 hour)

Dream Images and Muscles: Women in Circus 
Margareta Sörenson
Circus, as it is known in the Western world, was developed in the 19th century, incorporating athlets and clowns in artistic horse dressage with a military inspired drill. Women were always among the circus artists and in the touring circus companies the family structure was normally strict. Circus children of both sexes were trained in circus professions, girls and women exposed to the audience in harmony with the style and ideas of the time. The ideal female body and look reflected a surrealistic image of a fairy on rope or an icon on horseback, yet training, skill and muscles were essential to success. The parallel of the female dancer in the 19th century is striking, she might look fragile, but without iron health and a solid professional training she would have been helpless.  Circus as a popular cultural event of entertainment and sensation also opened up alternative aspects, such as breaded women, extremely fat women or midgets. Female clowns also challenged the dominant ideal for women.
The movement of ”New Circus” in the 1980's turned some of these conventions up side down and could be considered to also mirror the changes in femininity during the 21st century; women as strong, independent, self-conscious individuals, of great professional skill and virtuosity. 
Margareta Sörenson, theatre and dance critic in Swedish daily Expressen, writer and researcher with a number of books on theatre, dance, puppetry and animation theatre and other cross-over artforms for the stage and for all ages. She teaches dance history and aesthetics of dance at Danslärarlinjen, Piteå Musikhögskola/LTU. 

Queer(y)ing Femininities: A femme-inist perspective
Ulrika Dahl
What is femininity and why does it conjure up such intense contestation, emotion, capital and desire? Drawing on a range of images and theoretical approaches, this lecture will provide an introduction to various ways of thinking about femininity as it is performed, fashioned, represented and politicised. Looking at a range of factors that contribute to making femininity queer, normal, pleasing or grotesque, it will stress the diverse ways in which femininity is and can be performed on and off a range of stages. 

Ulrika Dahl is a cultural anthropologist, associate professor of gender studies and author. A leading Nordic voice in queer studies and critical femininity studies and a regular contributor to feminist debates, Ulrika's interests include intersectional theories of femininity, performance, fashion, social movements and cultural production. Among her publications are Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities (with Del LaGrace Volcano, 2008) and Skamgrepp: Femme-inistiska Essäer (2014). 

Women in Contemporary Circus 
Anne Quentin
The issue of women in contemporary circus asks firstly the question of gender in art. Indeed, if one believes that art cannot ignore the social
conditions of its production, we must watch how women exist in all arts in France or rather how they can present their creation on stages and how they are represented in cultural institutions. On the aesthetic point of view, it's interesting to note that the subject of Identity has undergone a shift until a early days of feminism. Today, artists approach (or play) rather the male-female polarity than the strict issue of identity or gender. Starting from the representations of women in traditional circus, this lecture will assessthe progress and try to open a few tracks wich make body and sense of "women circus" today.
Anne Quentin, french author, critical, journalist and teacher is specialist of live arts, circus and cultural policies. 

Masterclass (2.5 hours)
Create more freedom 
Lotta Björkman
The workshop will give a short theoretical introduction to the concept norm critique. What are norms and how do they create intersectional powerstructures? How can we with a norm critical perspective become aware of these structures and their effects? And, most important, how can we act to change them to create more freedom to be, think, act and create? The workshop will then focus on how a norm critical perspective can give us tools to create this kind of freedom in artistic and scenic work. This part of the workshop will be mainly practical, based on different basic drama/theatre exercises. How can a norm critical perspective be applied on the stories that are told, on the impersonations that are made and on the actions interactions on stage? How can we tell not just a single story by and to the norm, but a balance of stories from different perspectives and by different storytellers to a heterogeneous audience?
Lotta Björkman has worked as a high school teacher in theatre and civics, and as a dramapedagogue for 13 years. Lotta has mainly focused on improvised theatre. Lotta has worked with norm critique since 2007 and was part of the network that created the concept around 2009. She's the co-writer to several books in the field, for example Norm critical pedagogy - power, learning and strategies for change (2009) and Scenus - an introduction to norm critical impersonation (2011). Lotta has educated in the field of norm critique since 2009, mainly for educators in different fields and for personal in public institutions. She's also a guest teacher with focus on norm critique and drama pedagogy at Konstfack, for art teacher students. 

Normkreativ gestaltning
Liv Elf Karlén
Normkreativ gestaltning is a method for actors, performers, dancers, and other creative theatre personnel to gain access to new and broader expressions and to expand our creative choices.
The purpose of the method is to deconstruct the performers own, and also the audiences expectations of gender, sexuality, race and functionality in the performance and to learn new ways to work with character, motion and physical presentation and the actors relations to space and body on stage. A method how to use masculinity and feminity as creative tools instead of a straightjacket for the actors imagination. 

Liv Elf Karlén is a director, playwrighter and comedian. Since 2008 she has been developing and teaching different methods to raise awarness of how social norms and mechanisms affect our way of performing on stage. Among many places she has taught at STDH, Göteborg and Luleå Teaterhögskola. Teaterhögskolan in Helsinki and many different theater and dance institutions.

Lecture Performances (30 minutes +discussion)
Gynoïdes Project Bêta Test VII
Marie-Andrée Robitaille, CirkusPerspektiv

Extract of performance (30 minutes + discussion)
Eat it 
Rebeccas Westholm, Ruby Rose 

Full length Performances (1 hour + discussion)
I shit Diamonds 
Stacey Sacks 

Emma Sergeant, Casus

Short Performance (1.5 hours + discussion)
Cirkus Hall of Femmes 
A Collections of women's circus pieces

Schedule soon to be announce. 


WCC is open to all!  The consortium involves all genders and promotes values of equity, inclusivity and diversity.



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The women in circus consortium is organised by the research project Gynoïdes Project; a study on women in circus at the University of Dance and Circus a part of Stockholm University of the arts. It is co produce by: CirkusPerspektiv Sweden and InziOut Produktion.

Supported by DOCH, UNIARTS, Stockholm Stads, KTH, Cirkör LAB, Manegen


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CONSORTIUMArtist on the Picture: Kajsa Bohlin
Credit Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants
Artistic Direction: Marie-Andrée Robitaille





RESEARCHArtist on the Picture: Sarah Lett
Credit Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants
Artistic Direction: Marie-Andrée Robitaille




SHOWArtist on the Picture: Nathalie Bertholio
Credit Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants
Artistic Direction: Marie-Andrée Robitaille